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Termites Control – Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Powai:

ermites are also called White Ants, it’s one of the biggest pest problems in Powai, United Arab Emirates. Their primary target is wood made of any type of structure. They attack wood-made structures until they overrun it. As a result, the wood structure is destroyed completely.
There are different types of termites, but in the UAE Subterranean termites are found most commonly. These termites are also called “White Ants” due to their similarities. These are highly destructive timber ants that can cause major damage to timber structures in the domestic and commercial buildings.
Subterranean termites are soft bodied insects that’s smaller, i-e 4 to 11 mm. They start with building a central colony nest, from where they can further construct the underground tunnels that can radiate within a 90-meter radius right from the middle colony nest. It’s meant to search for the food source that is timber.

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Solutions for Termite prevention:

1 You can create a barrier of chemicals around the building. 2 Treatment of soil near the entrance with liquid pesticides to stop termite from getting in the building.
Consult pest control experts; they often use termite baits and traps for poisoning the termite. It is a very hard job to find their nests. Once experts find them, they will eradicate the termite.
3 Experts can save your furniture from termite by using the latest and different scientific methods of pest control

In case of termite infestation, there are two types of treatments that are recommended. First you have to hire the professionals like powai Pest Control Experts, so they can suggest you about the required termite control treatment described below;

Reasons to hire Powai Pest Control Experts:

1 We have a well-qualified expert pest control team which is validated by other customers.
2 Our teams have the expert knowledge to control the pest.
3 Use of Non-toxic, Pet and human-friendly material in the treatment of pest control.
4 Long-term support until complete eradication of pests from your home or offices.

Some Fact about Termites Control Powai

Termites are also referred to as white ants. Most of the households confuse the termites with ants that might cause more damage to their property. That’s why it is essential to know the difference between ants and termites, it will help you to prevent more damage to your property structure if not controlled or managed by the professionals.
Detecting the termite infestation might be very difficult at times. Mostly they live underground or near to your premises or building. They aim to attack the wooden flooring, furniture items, windows, doors, paper, etc. any type of negligence can lead to causing higher damage to your property, so you are suggested to inspect your property from professionals.

Powai Pest Control Service is a professional organization with well-trained staff. The technicians also have many years experience and our service provision is of the highest quality. Our pest control team will deal effectively with your complaint with immediate effect. The services offered are-:

At Powai Pest Control, we’ve come up with the ultimate weapon against Termite, Cockroaches, Rodent, Wood Borer, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Weed, and Bird. First and foremost, we don’t treat every house or property in the same way;we customize the treatment to fit your situation. We provide our customer pest management service in the most economical and cautious way possible that ensures the safety of the premises, family and employees.

Further, some people don’t realize they have a problem until they’re infested.Lots of damage to the sills, floor joists, girders, etc., all needs to be repaired, we have an early detection system to prevent any damage and catch them before they’ve gotten into the house.

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If yes then you probably need to hire the best pest control services in Powai. There are so many pest control companies in the city of Powai to choose from. You need to hire the right and perfect one carefully.


Bedbugs are pests that thrive around human dwellings. They live only on blood.


Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light.


Termites damage valuable human belongings, like wood. Building material.


Rats are among the most widespread that live on man for their food.


One of the most deadly insects that human encounters on everyday basis the mosquitoes.


Due to their small size ants often manage to enter sterile areas and packaging, causing contamination.


The bird dropping spoils the look of a building or any piece where the birds have dropped their fouls.


It covers treatment against different pests in one single service. It includes a Gel and sprays treatment

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