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Rodent Pest Control, Powai:

We have a team of professionals making your life safe and a happier place. If you feel annoyed with small rodents and the destruction caused by them, then we are here to help you. We’ll help you to get rid of the rats, mice or other types of pests that can cause you damage or create health hazards for you .
here are many people around the world facing the mouse issues within their premises. It’s so harmful for both property and human health. It might cause damage to the furniture, books, clothes, electric wires, plastic pipes, food items, important documents and lots more.
Once it gets into your home, you will definitely suffer from many destructions. Not only does it destroy goods, it can cause serious health problems too. Definitely, it is dangerous, but do not panic. Experts at Powai Pest Control will help you to get rid of rats, mice or other types of pests.

Powai Pest Control

How does Powai Pest control get rid of mice?

We are helping homes and businesses get rid of rats, mice, rodents or other types of pests. Take the first step and contact us, our specialist will come to inspect your property, whether it’s commercial or residential pest control in Powai. The visit is to analyse and locate the places where mice, rat or pests can hide. The professionals will help you to get rid of rats, mice, pests and their nests. They will also find out how they’re getting in and why.

In case of termite infestation, there are two types of treatments that are recommended. First you have to hire the professionals like powai Pest Control Experts, so they can suggest you about the required termite control treatment described below;

Reasons to hire Powai Pest Control Experts:

1 We have a well-qualified expert pest control team which is validated by other customers.
2 Our teams have the expert knowledge to control the pest.
3 Use of Non-toxic, Pet and human-friendly material in the treatment of pest control.
4 Long-term support until complete eradication of pests from your home or offices.

Some Fact about Termites Control Powai

Termites are also referred to as white ants. Most of the households confuse the termites with ants that might cause more damage to their property. That’s why it is essential to know the difference between ants and termites, it will help you to prevent more damage to your property structure if not controlled or managed by the professionals.
Detecting the termite infestation might be very difficult at times. Mostly they live underground or near to your premises or building. They aim to attack the wooden flooring, furniture items, windows, doors, paper, etc. any type of negligence can lead to causing higher damage to your property, so you are suggested to inspect your property from professionals.

Exterior rodent service-:

If there is a Rodent control outside the building, then it includes proactively usage of the monitoring bait or rodenticide, specifically in the rodent bait stations. Specialists of Powai Pest Control will add more baits when there will be an increase in feeding activity or if the bait is totally consumed.

Through our commitment to the customers, Rodent Control Dubai earned a fantastic reputation in the industry. High-level professionals are working in our team. Keys to our success in this industry are these three promises that we make with our customers;

Pest We Manage

If yes then you probably need to hire the best pest control services in Powai. There are so many pest control companies in the city of Powai to choose from. You need to hire the right and perfect one carefully.


Bedbugs are pests that thrive around human dwellings. They live only on blood.


Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light.


Termites damage valuable human belongings, like wood. Building material.


Rats are among the most widespread that live on man for their food.


One of the most deadly insects that human encounters on everyday basis the mosquitoes.


Due to their small size ants often manage to enter sterile areas and packaging, causing contamination.


The bird dropping spoils the look of a building or any piece where the birds have dropped their fouls.


It covers treatment against different pests in one single service. It includes a Gel and sprays treatment

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