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Get rid of cockroaches:

First solution that you can implement is to use boric acid, it will force the cockroaches to change their ways and location.other than that, you can also use a cockroach gel bait. It’s the most effective solution to kill the cockroaches because one cockroach will eat the gel, then it will automatically transfer the gel to the rest of the population. That results in killing the remaining cockroaches present in your premises.To eliminate the cockroaches from the premises, you have to get rid of all types of extra food items, especially at night. Always try to keep your shelves clean and neat at night. It’s better to store all the food items in tightly sealed food containers to prevent food from the access of cockroaches. Everyone living in the powai, Powai areas have run across the cockroaches once in their lifetime. These are the most common pests found in homes, offices, apartments and buildings

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Cockroaches Control in Powai

Everyone living in the Powai, areas have run across the cockroaches once in their lifetime. These are the most common pests found in homes, offices, apartments and buildings. These are disgusting and irritating pests that can spread many diseases. They spread almost six kinds of parasitic worms, 33 kinds of bacteria, and seven other kinds of human pathogens. They can carry germs on the spines of their legs and bodies while crawling through decaying matter or sewage, and then they will transfer it to the food items or onto food surfaces.

Roaches / Cockroaches are very disturbing to find in your villas, home, office, flats, apartment, restaurant and hotel. These roaches are known to carry a number of diseases, that’s why getting a Cockroaches Control in Dubai and removal specialist is crucial

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1 We have a well-qualified expert pest control team which is validated by other customers.
2 Our teams have the expert knowledge to control the pest.
3 Use of Non-toxic, Pet and human-friendly material in the treatment of pest control.
4 Long-term support until complete eradication of pests from your home or offices.

Controlling Cockroaches Control in Powai

Controlling the cockroaches control in Dubai is really not easy. The first and most important thing that you have to do is to determine the exact location of the roaches. After locating the hiding places of roaches, you will be able to implement the control program more successfully. There might be some locations where it will be difficult to get into. During the process keep in mind that reduction of food supply, water sources and hiding places is important. Keep in mind, if cockroaches have the access to food items then baits will have very limited effect and sprays alone won’t be much effective. The experts of Cockroaches Control in Dubai will implement two methods to control the cockroaches in the surroundings.

Powai Pest Control Service is a professional organization with well-trained staff. The technicians also have many years experience and our service provision is of the highest quality. Our pest control team will deal effectively with your complaint with immediate effect. The services offered are-:

At Powai Pest Control, we’ve come up with the ultimate weapon against Termite, Cockroaches, Rodent, Wood Borer, Bed Bugs, Mosquitoes, Weed, and Bird. First and foremost, we don’t treat every house or property in the same way;we customize the treatment to fit your situation. We provide our customer pest management service in the most economical and cautious way possible that ensures the safety of the premises, family and employees.

Further, some people don’t realize they have a problem until they’re infested.Lots of damage to the sills, floor joists, girders, etc., all needs to be repaired, we have an early detection system to prevent any damage and catch them before they’ve gotten into the house.

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If yes then you probably need to hire the best pest control services in Powai. There are so many pest control companies in the city of Powai to choose from. You need to hire the right and perfect one carefully.


Bedbugs are pests that thrive around human dwellings. They live only on blood.


Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light.


Termites damage valuable human belongings, like wood. Building material.


Rats are among the most widespread that live on man for their food.


One of the most deadly insects that human encounters on everyday basis the mosquitoes.


Due to their small size ants often manage to enter sterile areas and packaging, causing contamination.


The bird dropping spoils the look of a building or any piece where the birds have dropped their fouls.


It covers treatment against different pests in one single service. It includes a Gel and sprays treatment

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