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Mosquitoes and Midges:

Mosquitoes are very annoying, especially when we are trying to sleep. Their bites are very painful and itchy on the skin. Mostly, mosquitoes are found on the still water in the house or in the surroundings. The mosquito larvae and eggs will develop within the water in six to ten days. Keep in mind that mosquitoes get attracted by dark colours, and they are more prone to bite you in the dark and dawn. If you want to prevent mosquitoes in your premises then find out the best Mosquitoes pest control in Powai

As we all know, how annoying and painful the mosquitoes and midges can be. Somehow, no matter how much you try to prevent it, there are always some of them who manage to get through windows and doors only to give you a nasty, itchy bites.

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Here we are explaining some facts about these nasty little insects::

1 These insects can actually develop from eggs to adults in only six to ten days.
2 You can find them near still water, where their larvae feed and develop.
3 These insects are very much attracted towards the dark colours.
4 Mosquitoes can actually bite at dawn or dusk or both. That’s the time when they feel hungry and go out to search for food

Mosquitos are found everywhere in Powai, These are small flying insects that bite humans and suck the blood and spread so many diseases with their bite. Normally, people feel itchy when mosquitoes bite. A little bump appears on the skin that turns red after some time. According to the fact, a female mosquito can lay almost 100 to 500 eggs on the surface of water.

Reasons to hire Powai Pest Control Experts:

1 We have a well-qualified expert pest control team which is validated by other customers.
2 Our teams have the expert knowledge to control the pest.
3 Use of Non-toxic, Pet and human-friendly material in the treatment of pest control.
4 Long-term support until complete eradication of pests from your home or offices.

Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes:

Mosquitoes play a big role in spreading disease viruses that could be dangerous and might become the reason for losing so many precious human lives. We have seen so many cases when people get affected with germs and diseases spread by mosquitoes. This insect actually need blood to live, female mosquitoes need blood for laying eggs. Keep in mind that mosquitoes don’t need it when they are born and come out from eggs. There are so many diseases that are spread by mosquitoes like:
Detecting the termite infestation might be very difficult at times. Mostly they live underground or near to your premises or building. They aim to attack the wooden flooring, furniture items, windows, doors, paper, etc. any type of negligence can lead to causing higher damage to your property, so you are suggested to inspect your property from professionals.

Species of Mosquitoes & Midges:-:

1 Culex Mosquitoes
2 Aedes Mosquitoes
3 Dark Winged Fungus Gnat
4 Anopheles Mosquitoes
5 Biting Midge.

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Bedbugs are pests that thrive around human dwellings. They live only on blood.


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Rats are among the most widespread that live on man for their food.


One of the most deadly insects that human encounters on everyday basis the mosquitoes.


Due to their small size ants often manage to enter sterile areas and packaging, causing contamination.


The bird dropping spoils the look of a building or any piece where the birds have dropped their fouls.


It covers treatment against different pests in one single service. It includes a Gel and sprays treatment

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